OK, so this might not quite as catchy a subject as our more usual Wedding Venue related posts, but it is an important area non the less. Over the years as we have got busier we have inevitably generated more waste, particularly from weddings and parties. We started off with 1 large general waste bin, then added crates for glass which was collected by the council. This worked well until the council said that they will no longer collect more than 2 crates at a time. They said anything more than that should just go in the general waste bins!! We then teamed up with a local waste contractor CPP Waste and Recycling who have added further bins as required.

Our next problem was where to put them. We kept them by our garage, however, most weekends guests dragged them to near the main doors. This was because it was easier and quicker for throwing things in them as the weekend went on – particularly in the dark! We ended up leaving them there for convenience. However, it spoiled the image of the front of the hall. Even with that we outgrew the space available there and ended up with other containers dotted around the place. Maybe we can consider looking for roll-off dumpster rentals that can collect and recycle the waste. That way, the front of the hall can remain clean. To be honest, we have heard that dumpster rental firms similar to theirs can scrap and recycle all kinds of stuff. For instance, companies like J Beal Waste Scrap Metal Recycling (one of the most renowned scrap merchants county durham) is known to collect metal waste like cars and alloy wheels and recycle them. So, we think that contacting such companies would be beneficial.

So we have not brought everything together in 1 location. We have constructed a waste and recycling compound just off the edge of the car park which can house everything. We now have 2 general waste bins, bins for glass, plastic, cans and cardboard bin. There is also a composting container.

We use these bins to dispose of all the waste that is generated at weddings and parties. However, if we discover that there is a large amount of waste that cannot fit inside the bins we have installed in the future, we might seek services comparable to skip bin hire sydney. Regardless, we will act per the situation.

Despite being much busier than 3 years ago, we still only have the same amount of landfill we had then. However we think that we can do better still. All we ask now is that all guests please take that little bit extra time to separate out even more of the recyclable and compostable items rather than just throwing every “in the bin”.