5 Quirky Wedding Traditions You'll Love

There will always be a respect and fondness for wedding traditions. They have been treasured and carried through the centuries. Wedding traditions are all about the vows, the first dance, the wedding breakfast and so many more. They can be a huge part of your special day, but they have to be. If conventional traditions aren’t for you, why not try some of our quirky suggestions instead?

Quirky Wedding Traditions

There’s no rulebook that says you must follow tradition at your wedding. It’s about your vision, your ideas. Perhaps you’ve read about a quirky wedding tradition or been to a wedding that had something particularly unusual. Go ahead and embrace it. You have free rein with your big day. Let’s dive right in…

1.   Wedding Lasso

The wedding lasso refers to a kind of rope or chord that joins the couple together. It’s draped around their shoulders after exchanging vows, in a symbol of their union. The meaning behind this is that the lasso merges the couple into one unit. It’s all about celebrating unity, love, and partnership. Although it is often done by the officiant, the family can also take part in the ritual, creating an even more emotional moment.

2.   The Money Dance

A popular tradition in countries such as Cuba, Poland and Greece, the money dance is an interaction between the newlyweds and their guests. Typically, guests will either offer the bride and groom money for a dance, or choose to shower them with the money instead. Either way, it sounds good to us!

There is also a sentimental element to this. The money dance tradition symbolises the couple beginning their new life together. It’s acknowledgment of how much they are loved and valued by those around them.

3.   No Smiling

While we’re not sure how easy we would find this one, it’s a fascinating tradition. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the bride and groom are not allowed to smile for the duration of their big day. Seriousness is prioritised over joy and laughter. This shows that the couple are truly serious about marriage and the commitment they’re making.

4.   Ornate Crown

In Norway, it is customary for the bride to wear an ornate crown, typically in silver and gold. It is often an heirloom and fitted with dangling charms. This comes from the belief that the sounds the charms make will not only bring the couple luck, but ward off evil spirits too.

5.   Polterabend

This one is a pre-wedding custom popular in Germany. Get ready for noise and laughter as your nearest and dearest join you in smashing anything porcelain. It’s a great chance to get rid of clutter by taking up your cupboards, like old cups or plates. It might look like the aftermath of an almighty fight, but it’s said to be a way of offering the couple good fortune.

We’ve found a great A-Z list of traditions for you to check out. What will you include? What will you leave out? Here at Hargate Hall, you can plan your wedding without expectation or tradition. You can design your special day exactly as you want.

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