How To Add A Personal Twist To Your Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are a required part of the ceremony. Certain vows or promises are needed in order to fulfil the legal requirements. However, you have the freedom to add and embellish them.

You know we love making every part of a wedding personal and adding a DIY twist. It’s the same with the wedding vows. Here are some ideas to help you see how you can add personal touches to your wedding vows…


Surprise your partner by writing your own poem and incorporating this into your vows. Whether you opt for the romantic, or dive into the humorous, your partner is sure to love it, and value that it’s come from you. If writing your own poem feels daunting, maybe you have a favourite poem that you could share, or you could research one that fits you as a couple.

Your Journey

Use your vows to tell or reflect on your journey as a couple. Did you have a memorable first encounter? Was it love at first sight for one of you and not the other? You can take it in any direction you want. Heartfelt. Anecdotal. It’s a chance to get nostalgic about your journey to reach this point and relive some of your favourite moments together.


You don’t just have to stick with the traditional vows. Inject some of your personality into them by including a joke or two. Perhaps you could retell the first argument you had or recall one of your favourite memories of your time together. This day is all about you, after all. You can make it as personal as you like.

Song lyrics

From the romantic to the silly, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to borrowing a song lyric or two. You could go with something that reminds you of your loved one or use some of the words from your favourite song as a couple.

It doesn’t have to be song lyrics either. Is there a favourite film you could quote?  Perhaps a book? No matter what you choose to include, this could be a fun and sentimental addition to the vows.

Include the Children

Cuteness alert with this one. Whether it’s your own children, nieces and nephews or your godchild, asking them to read something as part of the vows could be a unique and special touch. It’s sure to make them feel like a little VIP as well.

No matter how creative or traditional you decide to go with your wedding vows, the key is to make it something you’ll both treasure. It’s a day all about you and celebrating the love you share. Whatever you go for, those vows are sure to live long in both of your memories for what they stand for.

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