Hargate Hall April Update

The last twelve months have been a rollercoaster here at Hargate Hall, just like it’s been for most people, we’ve had our ups and downs. So much has changed and we are excited to share these changes with you in our monthly update.

The Hargate Hall Update: April

April brings lots of good news! We’re looking forward to seeing our wonderful apartments full for the spring and summer season as we welcome back self-catering holidays for family groups. This is a huge relief, and it brings us so much joy. It’s the people that bring Hargate Hall to life, and at times over the last year, the empty building has felt soulless. We want all the buzz of activity again, you can book your stay with us today!

In more wonderful news, weddings can soon fill the grounds at Hargate Hall. We’re feeling hopeful and excited, we can’t wait to see you all again.

What’s happening at Hargate this month?

– Anthony has been busy working to completely renovate the shower room in Bakewell. It’s been back to bare walls! But it will look fantastic when it’s finished.

– We’ve had painters and decorators freshening up all our communal areas and sprucing up the Hall in anticipation of our guests.

– The kids have got two weeks off school for the Easter holidays, and you can be sure they will be put to work. We are hoping they will be working on the grounds, there is always work to be done outside, especially with the changing season.

– Sarah and Will are both starting back at work, which is great news, as we see the local hospitality industry open up just in time for our self-catered holiday guests.

Although the Hall has been quiet with no weddings or parties, we have opened up our accommodation for local key workers, to support the COVID fight in any way we can.

As ever, work on the Hall never stops, and it’s why we love it. We’ll provide more Hargate Hall updates next month. Take care.

All our love,

The Knox Family