Jo & Chris Wedding Hargate Hall

Jo and Chris got married at Hargate Hall in May 2017. We asked them to share their wedding story, some of their favourite moments, and the best advice and top tips they’d give to any other couples considering Hargate.

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Why did you choose Hargate Hall?

We chose Hargate because it was important to us that all our friends and family could be in one place for the entire weekend. We also wanted to have the wedding we wanted. This meant food vans, a hog roast, a bouncy castle, ‘bandeoke’. The freedom that Hargate Hall allows meant we really could have whatever we wanted.

Tell us about your wedding day? What did you love? How did the weekend flow?

Our wedding was fab! It was very relaxed and great fun!

We decorated everything as we wanted; we didn’t have to follow strict plans. Everyone got on really well, and the fire pit was a great social space.

Getting married at Hargate meant we could have the formal ceremony we dreamt of, but we also had fun. The weekend event meant there was plenty of free time for guests to see the Peak District.

The entire weekend just flowed perfectly and was pretty casual. People didn’t want to leave. They loved Hargate Hall and still talk about our wedding! Who doesn’t want that?

Jo & Chris Hargate Hall Wedding

If you could sum up your Hargate Hall wedding in three words, what would they be?




What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting married at Hargate Hall?

Don’t overcomplicate it! There are things you will plan and then forget to do, and it won’t matter! People will have to share rooms, and they’ll just have to be okay with it. It’s your day, and the most important thing is that you get married. The world is your oyster at Hargate and your wedding can be exactly as you want it.

Also, if you have a bouncy castle, don’t jump on it in your socks if it has been raining the night before! We learnt that the hard way, but who doesn’t love a bouncy castle at a wedding.

Hargate Hall Wedding

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your wedding?

The team at Hargate Hall were fab and helped us so much!

We didn’t ask for gifts, instead, we asked our family and friends for help with decorating, transporting wedding equipment, someone made the cake, that sort of thing. It’s really what makes a Hargate Hall wedding special, people chipping in to help. We didn’t have a sit-down meal, and it worked out perfectly. Everyone just pitched in. A Hargate Hall wedding really is a family affair.

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