Hargate Hall Wedding Coordination

One of the best parts about a DIY wedding is all the planning involved. That’s why you’ve chosen it, right? The control, the freedom, the fun of creating your vision.

There are so many useful blog posts and websites that can help with ideas and suggestions for creating your perfect wedding. Pinterest is a great place to start for wedding research. Another great place for research is family and friends’ weddings! It’s not very often you get to plan such a fun and meaningful event, so planning is something to look forward to.

But what if it starts to get stressful?

For some people, however, the thought of pulling everything together and conducting lots of research can be daunting. Even though they know a DIY wedding is right for them, they might need a little bit of support. Especially when it comes to the wedding day itself. The last thing you want is to be worrying about the details of your wedding schedule and suppliers whilst you should be getting ready and relaxing!

This is where the support of a wedding professional can really help. There are so many different versions of wedding support, it can be as much or as little help as you would like. They can help you with venue decorations, 20 x 20 canopy tent installations, catering, and event lighting. To conduct a successful event, it is recommended that you hire a wedding planner.

No wedding professional should ever take any of the credit for your wedding. It is your vision and ideas; they should be there to just support you in the background. That’s why it’s important to get the right wedding support for you.

So what support is available to you, should you want it?

1. A Wedding Planner

A wedding planner can help with all the detailed planning of your DIY wedding, such as finding the right Wedding Venue in Dallas, TX, or wherever you want to have it, and recommending suppliers or support with decorations and planning details. A wedding planner is very hands-on with the ‘ins and outs’ of your wedding. Such as colour schemes, guest lists, themes, and schedules.

A wedding planner supports the design and execution of your wedding. This can be fantastic if you have lots of ideas but not much time. Typically, a wedding planner would become involved quite early on in your wedding planning, and this support can really help when you are busy with personal commitments. Suppose you want to shoot the most creative pre-wedding photos. But you do not have the time to either find a photographer or talk to them about your preferences. In this scenario, the wedding planner would step in to find a wedding photographer Cape Cod or nearby places. He would also talk to the shutterbug about your liking and arrange a date when the photoshoot can take place.

Besides this, a planner can also create a spreadsheet enlisting all the necessary arrangements required for your wedding that depends on your ideology. Moreover, software like Excel Workbook and other Microsoft apps can benefit in planning events, guest list, budget, seating chart, etc. A wedding planner may have certification for such software (one can get certified with an Excel Course through online lessons and tutorials), which can further reduce your responsibilities.

2. A Wedding Coordinator

Most DIY wedding couples like to undertake lots of the wedding planning themselves, they might not need the more ‘hands-on’ approach that a wedding planner can provide. So, an option for a little bit of extra support is to hire an ‘on-the-day’ wedding coordinator.

Typically, a wedding coordinator would step in a couple of days before your wedding and ensure the wedding day runs exactly as you had planned. The job of a wedding coordinator is to bring everything together.

A wedding coordinator supports with the execution of your wedding and leaves you to deal with the design. If you want to do most of the planning yourself but you’re worried about who will add the finishing touches to your day, or who will meet all your suppliers and deal with any problems on the day. An ‘on-the-day’ DIY wedding coordinator could be the perfect solution. They are there to ensure your wedding runs as smoothly as you had hoped.

Advantages of a wedding coordinator

– An on-the-day wedding coordinator is significantly cheaper than a wedding planner. You only pay for what you need, the on-the-day support. This can be a great way to save money if you are working on a tight budget.

– A wedding coordinator can ensure your friends and family aren’t overwhelmed or overloaded with jobs on your wedding day. They can sit back and relax, enjoying this special moment.

– An on-the-day wedding coordinator can ensure your exact vision comes to life. On your wedding day, you don’t want to be worried about the details, you can trust a coordinator to follow your plans.

– A wedding coordinator will have worked on hundreds of weddings. This might be the first large event you have ever planned. They have lots of experience and can ensure problems are solved quickly.

– An on the day wedding coordinator can be the main point of contact on your day. DIY weddings often involve multiple suppliers, your wedding coordinator can liaise with them all, so you don’t have to.

There isn’t really a right or a wrong when it comes to wedding planners and coordinators. It’s just about making sure the decision is right for you.

We can help!

If you need some extra support on the day of the wedding and don’t fancy leaving it to your army of friends and relatives. We can help! We can put you in touch with suppliers and wedding coordinators’ who have worked at Hargate for years. Please email us at info@hargate-hall.co.uk.We are happy to help!