The Ultimate Wedding Supplier Checklist To Solve Your Wedding Needs

There are so many wedding checklists online, how do you know what to include and what to leave behind? We’ve created a series of blog posts to help you work through your wedding planning tasks, including the ultimate wedding supplier checklist. We hope this will help solve some of your wedding questions.

How many suppliers do you need?

How long is a piece of string? There are so many options for wedding suppliers, it’s almost endless. You can hire a supplier for almost any wedding element, but how many do you really need?  A lot will depend on your budget and how you want your wedding to feel.

-Photographer – This is an important supplier for lots of people as it’s a way to document your day and record your memories. Do you also need to consider hiring a videographer?

-Venue – It’s hard to have a wedding without a venue. This could be one of your most essential suppliers. Make sure you have a good relationship with your venue, you’ll be in communication a lot over the course of your wedding planning.

-Wedding PlannerDo you need a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator? They’ll help you run your day and keep you organised.

-Hair and Make-up – This could be one of the suppliers you book first. If you know you want your regular hairdresser in charge of your hair, book them quick.

-Clothing – Are you hiring suits and dresses? Top hats? Wedding attire is a supplier that often gets looked over and left to the last minute. Be sure to arrange hire and fittings when you know your wedding date.

-Food – This could include, your caterer, wedding cake, bar service/ drinks and even servers. There are lots of suppliers to consider in this category for you to consider.

-Florist – If you’re getting married away from home, you’ll need to research some local florists that will deliver to your venue.

-Entertainment – Are you having a band or a DJ? What about some unusual entertainment, like a magician or a kid’s entertainer – they’ll all need to be booked.

-Wedding Officiant – The most important supplier. You’ll need a registrar and maybe a celebrant to make your wedding legal!

-Rental Equipment – Often overlooked, but essential, you’ll need a supplier to provide tables, chairs, tablecloths, glasses and plates. It’s worth checking to see what’s included with your venue before you start ordering.

-Transport – Are you having wedding cars? What about moving your guests from one location to another? Even a taxi to the airport for your honeymoon? Think about transport as one of your key suppliers.

Do you have to have wedding suppliers?

It’s important to remember that a DIY wedding allows you to break all the rules. Although this is an exhaustive list of suppliers, it doesn’t mean you need them all. Don’t feel like you ‘have to have’ them. If you’d rather make your own flowers, don’t worry about a florist. If you’d like to do your own hair and make-up, go for it. That’s why we love our weddings at Hargate. We don’t force you to have a specific supplier. We don’t insist on professional catering – we care about you having the wedding of your dreams.

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Look out for more of our wedding planning blog posts that will help solve your wedding planning needs. Happy wedding planning!

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